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When you’re performing live, you want to focus on your music and the crowd. You don’t have time to be bothered with the myriad of details touring brings, such as hotel reservations, merchandise, and fueling the van. The answer is to hire Blue Alley Touring, the best tour management company in the industry. We’ll make your touring experience perfectly smooth and will free you up to focus on doing what you do best—performing. Blue Alley Touring is a boutique style music management company specializing in tour and production management for artists of all genres. When it’s time to hit the road, your first step should be to contact us. When you’re performing live…. what you do best- performing. Blue Alley Touring prides itself on excellence ……. hitting the road with you soon.

what We Really Do.

We offer many useful services including: Tour, road, and production management Band and crew hire Travel arrangements and logistics Advancing and coordinating with music venues of all sizes Catering, dressing room, and security arrangements Set design Loading and unloading backline and equipment Overseeing promotional activities (such as press or radio interviews) Box office settlements, accounting reports, and budgets for tour Keeping the show and your band running on time Managing opening acts Overseeing hotel departures on time Settling accommodation bills Overseeing travel arrangements; i.e. band and crew onto the bus or to the airport in good time Paying per diems to the band/artist and crew

Blue Alley Touring

Prides itself on excellence and personalized services offered to artists and artist teams alike. We strive to meet your every need. No matter what comes up during your tour, we’ll be there to handle it. You can trust our experience—we’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years. You can rest assured we will keep your tour running efficiently, all while maximizing profit margins. We know exactly what problems can arise and how to best handle them. Contact us now to take your road experience to the next level. Use our online form and we’ll get back to you right away to discuss how we can meet your needs. We look forward to hitting the road with you soon!